How to Use a Quad Watch Winder?

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16 Oct

How to Use a Quad Watch Winder?

If you have multiple automatic watches in your collection, a quad watch winder allows you to store them without worrying about them becoming dormant. Dormant automatic watches need rewinding before you can wear them. If you know how to use a winder, it will keep your watches alive everlastingly.

Rewind your unwound watches.

A watch winder generally cannot rewind your watch. Before you put your watches in it, you have to rewind them first. A watch that has stopped will not come alive in a winder if you haven’t rewound it first.

Put the watches and adjust the TPD.

After you rewind your watches, put them carefully on the winder’s receptacles. You can then set the turn-per-day setting based on your watches’ specific requirements. Consult the manual to find out more about your watches’ TPD setting. If you cannot figure that out, try to set the TPD at its lowest setting.

Turn on the winder and keep monitoring it.

Turn on the quad watch winder. To confirm whether your initial TPD setting works, monitor it from time to time for two days. If the watches lose their accuracy, change the TPD setting higher. Repeats this step until your watches’ accuracy is consistent for at least 48 hours.

Do the same with the rotation setting.

You also have to do the same with the rotation setting. Start with bidirectional rotation, if the watches lose their accuracy, set the rotation clockwise-only or counterclockwise-only. Use the 48-hour monitoring session to find the right setting for your watches. 

Keep the right setting for future uses.

After you find the right TPD and rotation setting, keep it for future uses. You need to do the initial setting and the 48-hour monitoring only once. After you find the right setting, your quad watch winder will always work perfectly.

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