How to Take Care of Your Automatic Watch Winder New York

1 Oct

How to Take Care of Your Automatic Watch Winder New York

Using a watch winder New York can one of the ways to properly take care of your automatic mechanical watch. There are a lot of automatic watches produced tens of years ago, but their machines can still work properly up to now. This will be a plus point because the more antique the automatic watch, the higher the value. So, how to take care of your automatic watch so that it can last for a long time? Here are some tips.

Make Sure It Keeps Rotating

Wearing is caring. Make sure your automatic mechanical watch has more time on your wrist instead of on your nightstand. A durable, long-lasting automatic watch is the one that keep rotating every day. The best way to take care of your automatic watch is by wearing it as often as possible. What if you already left it for a long time and it stopped? You can rotate it manually. If you own a self-winding watch, make sure you do not rotate it more than 30 times because you can damage the mainspring.

For automatic watches, you can gently shake it several times with the dial facing up until the clockwise turn again. You can also wear it on your wrist and do your activities. The motion of your wrist will make the clockwise spins again. After that, do not forget to set the time and date.

Use a Watch Winder

For those who collect automatic watches, it will not likely be possible to wear all the automatic watches every day. So, if you have more than one automatic mechanical watch, a mechanical watch winder New York can help you to keep your watch turning. If you really think you need a watch winder New York, make sure you use the one with best quality so that your watch’s quality is well-maintained. You can look for references on the internet for the best ones.

Maintain with Professional Services

Your automatic mechanical watch’s performance will decrease overtime because it runs by using a machine that will wear and tear over time. If you notice any concerns in your precious automatic watch, make sure to bring it to a professional, official service centre. Make sure the service centre is licensed and providing original spare parts for the watch.

Taking care of your automatic watch collection can be a fun moment. It can also be as simple as using a watch winder New York.

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