How to Write University Motivation Letter that Perfectly Works for Multiple Purposes

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24 Jun

How to Write University Motivation Letter that Perfectly Works for Multiple Purposes

Having more than one scholarship to apply for in mind is something normal. The problem is that you have to write an motivation letter or personal statement for each of the scholarship and this is very complicated. Well, is it possible to write a personal statement that will perfectly work for multiple courses? The answer is yes!

How to Make it Happens?

With a lot of the scholarship choices available out there, it will be very difficult to find the one that suits the most for you. Thus, there is always a possibility that you want to apply a scholarship to more than one different university at once. If that becomes your case, make sure that you are very careful in taking care of how to write motivation letter for scholarships.

How Do You Write the Application Letter?

So, how to write motivation letter for scholarships that will work best for multiple courses? Here is a list of some personal statement pointers that you should include in the motivation letter.

  • If There Are Only Slight Differences in the Subjects Chosen

What if there are only slight differences in the courses that you intend to apply? Well, there shouldn’t be a problem at all. Just keep in mind that you need to make a personal statement that is relevant to all the choices. What if you want to include combined degree courses in the motivation letter? Well, just be sure that you address each of the subject or discipline in some ways.

  • If There Are Big Differences in the Subjects Chosen

If you find big differences in the subjects that you are going to choose, you need to use a different approach. Just keep in mind that it is always possible for you to combine your personal statement in such a way, In this way, everything that you put in the application letter will give proper evidence related to your academic interests and skills. It also should represent the proper way that you think will be relevant to all the courses you are going to take.

  • If There Is Only One that Different from the Other Choices

If this is the case, you need to gather information to make sure that the university will accept a separate personal statement for a certain course. You can directly contact the university and ask for the information. Never make an assumption and be sure that the admission staff will agree with such an arrangement.

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