Facts and figure of study in Germany

Study In Germany
30 May

Facts and figure of study in Germany

German is one of the favorite countries to study abroad. This country has world-class high education, beautiful landscape embedded with urban life and also welcoming culture to people from around the world. If you are wondering about what you need to do while the study in Germany and confused about information about study in Germany, this can help you to know.

  •    Facts on the German higher education system. There are 400 institutions of higher education available in Germany. Many of them offer English taught study program which offered around 1000 total. There are many German universities are score high in international universities ranking.
  •    Tuition fees. On most the universities in Germany, it is even free. No matter the country where you from most school program offer the education completely free without cost. Of course, there are some exceptions, in some private schools or study programs for students with professional experience or prior. Good things when you decide to work and stay in Germany after graduation, you can deduct the previous tuition fees from income tax
  •    Cost of living in Germany is relatively modest to compare with other western European countries. For average, students can cost around 800 euros per month. Rent apartment in metropolitan areas can be high, but there is some flexibility in regard to the town where you live.
  •    The job market for graduates. Germany is countries that have large economies with limitless opportunities for foreign student’s graduates.  Speak with German is always the prerequisite especially for the entry-level jobs.
  •    Transportation. Germany is located in the heart of Europe and border with 9 other countries. This makes Germany the ideal destination if you want to explore other parts of Europe as well. Within Germany cities, you can expect a high-quality standard of transportation. There are many large cities that have subway system, bus, and streetcar line network.

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